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Our Story

Tamiko Lyn Evans was born in Washington D.C. on July 7, 1968, but soon after moved to Belliare, Ohio where she resided until her high school graduation. She later relocated to Columbus, Ohio where she remained until her untimely death on, December 13, 2015. I officially met Tamiko in May 2004, when a cousin of mine that worked with her showed me a picture that she just happened to be in. My first immediate thought was, man she is absolutely beautiful. I remember asking my cousin: who is this lady right here, as I pointed at her. I was just two years removed from a not so pleasant divorce and really had not been seriously attracted to any woman until this very moment. I instantly gave my cousin my phone number along with a note, asking Tamiko to please call me. The very next day my cousin returned with somewhat startling news: she told me that she had never dated a white man before. My instant thought was; wow, where had she grown up, under a rock? It was surprising to me because I had attended a very diverse high school and freely dated any lady from all ethnic backgrounds, without any problems.. I sat back and transcribed her another note that basically said; I totally respect how you feel, but i would ask just one favor of you; would you at least get to know me before you categorized me. A few days later, Tamiko requested a picture of me, so my excitement grew; once my cousin informed me of the request. Several weeks had gone by after my picture had been presented to her and I was beginning to think that she  might not be interested in me. Then, one afternoon my phone rang and when I answered: the voice on the other end was one I knew I had never heard before. It was not only pleasant sounding: it had this strength that was detectable in every word she spoke. I remember asking her several times; now who is this? Once I had figured out it was her, I recall being extremely overjoyed. We spoke every single day, for the next two months on the phone before we actually went out on our first date. At that time, she was working double shifts with her job and I was working third shift. So our schedules really never allowed for any earlier meetings. On the day of our official first meeting, I was very nervous to meet this remarkable woman for the first time, because I had already begun to care for from our phone conversations.

It was around 7:30 in the evening when I arrived at her condo to pick her up. The anticipation was literally driving me crazy and I was steadily becoming more nervous. Approximately two minutes after my arrival, Tamiko exited her condo and right at that very moment, the glow of the porch light illuminated upon her face. It was like seeing beauty for the very first time in my life. It was like the difinition of beauty had alluded me until that very moment. Heck, I was so star struck I didn't even remember to get out of the car and open her door for her. Upon her entrance into the car, we made eye contact for the very first time, and I said to her; you are more beautiful in ;person and I do not believe any picture could ever fully capture your beauty. She smiled as she gazed into my eyes; I remember thinking, man even her teeth are just remarkable; I had it bad. I eventually gathered myself and we proceded to this nightclub so we could listen to music and get a bite to eat. We ended up staying for about an hour because the volume of the music made it difficult for us to hear what each of us was saying. We decided to go across the street from the nightclub to Waffle House. There we could get a cup of coffee and would be able to have a better chance of having a meaniful conversation. We stayed there for about 4 hour's just talking and drinking coffee. There were a few more dates that proceeded this one that consisted of going to dinner and drinking coffee. Our relationship took on a different meaning after she invited me to a S.O.S. Band concert.Tamiko had called a local radio station and won tickets to see Angela Bofill one night and the S.O.S. Band the following evening. Tamiko originally invited her mother to accompany her to the Angela Bofill concert and her father to attend the S.O.S Band with her. Tamiko and her mother attended the Angela Bofill concert and had a wonderful time. But her father cancelled at that last minute because of a previous engagement he had forgotten about. Her faher's concellation lead to Tamiko calling me and asking me to go. It was at this concert that the realization had hit me that I was unconditionally in love with Tamkio Lyn Evans.

From that day forward going out to eat, going to concerts (no matter the location) became a staple part of out relationship. Over the next decade we would see over 20 concerts, in 7 different states.

It was early in morning on June 23, 2013; a day that would change everything! I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee when Tamiko came out of our bedroom. She apprroached me and said; my right breast is really sore and I am going to run over to the emergency room to have it checked out. Of course, my immediate thinking was that possibly she had strained herself, not remotely considering anything else. My response was; maybe you strained yourself carring one of the grandkids. She replied; no, it is a different kind of pain. I asked her; do you want me to go with you? She replied; no, there is really no need. Approximetly, 90 minutes after her departure she called me with the most divestating news I could have never immagined. She told me that they believed she had breast cancer and was going to conduct a biopsy to confirm it. When she arrived home she went immediately to our bedroom, I followed closly behind and I remember closing the bedroom door and approaching her as she sat on the corner of the bed. She looked up at me and once we made eye contact she said, very softly; I have breast cancer. At that very moment, it felt like someone had grabbed my heart and ripped it out of my body. I momentarily could not speak or swallow; all I could do is place my forehead against her's and weep. Later that week is was confirmed that she had Stage 4, Breast Cancer. She began her treatment at the Stephanie Spielman Cancer Hospital, located at The Ohio State University.  Tamiko would battle for the next 30 months; she had to receive chemo, every week during this period. Although, I could not save  the love of my life, my heart and soul; just maybe I can make a real difference in other breast cancer patients lives!

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