BSE Awareness

Once A Month
Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month.  Johns Hopkins Medical center states,

“Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.”

While mammograms can help you to detect cancer before you can feel a lump, breast self-exams help you to be familiar with how your breasts look and feel so you can alert your healthcare professional if there are any changes.

Most breast lumps – 80% of those biopsied – are benign (non-cancerous). Following are examples of the most common benign breast conditions which produce lumps. numerous, small multiple cysts, (lumpy, fluid-filled sacs, or "pockets"). ... Fibrocystic changes are the most common non-cancerous breast condition.

Here are a few things to be aware of :

Dimples or irritation of the skin
Pain or swelling
Thickening or redness of the nipple or skin
Discharge from the nipple

Tamiko L. Evans Foundation

How often should you do a breast self exam?