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Vision Statement: Facilitating the necessary resources to secure a future where lives and not one individual or their families are affected by breast cancer!

 Mission Statement: To become the global leader of targeted funding for breast cancer research and clinical trials for women of all ethnicities; and through science professionals stabilize or eradicate all types of breast cancers. In doing so: Change and Save Lives!


The Tamiko L. Evans Foundation was started to honor my late Fiance. Tamiko passed away after a courageous 30 month battle with breast cancer. My Fiance was African American and during her 30 month battle, I researched any and all material I could aquire, regarding breast cancer. What I learned over this period was not only alarmming but unacceptable to me; regarding statistics on African American women and breast cancer. The following highlighted area will detail some of the statistics that have been known for more than a decade:

• Black women are given cancer diagnoses at younger ages than white women.

• Black women die from the disease at younger ages than white women (42% more than white women; as high as 70% in some cities).

• Black women are more likely to be given a diagnosis in the later stages of the disease.

• Over 90% of all clinical trials are conducted on white women.

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